Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The End of the School Year!

As the end of our school year approaches, I think about school...as much as I'm excited for the summer, I'll kind of miss school in a weird way. So, I wrote a poem! :)

The End of the Year
Oh, how the time goes by
Like a bird, racing through the sky
A year of learning, of new friends,
A year that suddenly has seemed to come to an end
Our oldest leave us,
Our youngest prepare
This is the turning point
Growing, changing
Leaving behind our childhood
Embracing adulthood
Making choices
Deciding what our lives are going to be
Some are leaving
Some are only starting
Learning, developing, exploring, being ourselves
Being a little wild, crazy, weird
The year has ended
But there are some things we will always remember
Our youngest
Their innocence, their excitement, discovering new things
Our 7th graders, growing, changing
Our oldest, teaching, setting examples,

And we anticipate our summer break
With excitement and joy
We are eager for the sun to claim our bodies,
To go swimming and travel and play
With nothing in particular to do all day
But deep in our hearts we will always miss this year
An unforgettable time
Just having fun
Cherish this time, think back on it
Because time goes by
Like a bird racing through the sky