Friday, February 6, 2015

McDonald's New Idea!

When we go to restaurants, we pay for our food with dollars and cents. But what if we could just pay for our burger with a hug? At Sunday night’s Super Bowl, an advertisement was aired announcing that for the next two weeks, fast food restaurant McDonalds is randomly selecting customers to pay for their meal in an interesting way. Bringing on the Valentine’s Day spirit, the restaurant is accepting love as a payment method. In the ad, customers are seen dancing, calling relatives to say “I love you”, or fist-bumping the employees. Giving a hug or a high five is also an acceptable way to pay for your meal. In addition, there is a list of different prizes that can be won on the McDonald’s website depending on the time of day. A lot of people are asking...why give away free food? McDonalds had a rough year in 2014 - isn’t this just going to lower profits even more? Nowadays, the restaurant has tough competition from other franchises that claim to have healthier food at better prices. McDonald’s new promotion is a strategy that the restaurant predicts that the restaurant predicts will bring in tons of new customers. Pretty much everyone wouldn’t mind some free food! WAlso, giving back to the customers creates a friendly interaction between employees and customers, making people believe that the restaurant cares for love as much as profits. It is thought to create a sense of community, and endear people to the restaurant itself. Whether the food is HEALTHY or not is a completely different story! So next time you head over to McDonalds, get ready to pay with some love!