Thursday, December 25, 2014

2 New Bracelets on Etsy!

Hi guys! I'm really excited, because I have two new bracelets that I made on my Etsy Art4Hunger Shop (!

One has that awesome lazy beach vibe, like, "I'm going to lie down in the sun for the next couple centuries". you know what I mean? It has blues, metal links, and seashells. I love it! It's price is set at $10.00! Here it is...what do you think?

My other bracelet is more dark and dangerous, with art glass, crystals, and a strong almost goth-like style. It's more serious, yet still beautiful. The price of this one is also $10.00. Check it out!

+1 if you love one of these bracelets! Which do you like better? Comment and let me know!