Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Card Descriptions

Wow. Christmas Eve, already? My wonderful winter break is slipping away! Nooooooooo! I need more free days!+1 if you agree!

Now for some close ups of some of my first designs of cards. I created each of these cards with an inspiration in mind, and therefore have a story to tell on each one. On the back, I wrote these descriptions. For instance, on my signature winter card, The Snow-woman (Note the earrings on her!), I write the story that I had in my little kid head when I created it. I think that the back inspiration adds a little uniqueness and a homemade, real quality. The cards are bright and neatly packaged, yet have a special feel to them that I love! What makes me smile isn't earning money for myself, but that some people out there will have a happier life because of our efforts. :)

What have you guys been doing lately? Comment below to tell me about your holiday break and which card description you think is the coolest!

 Happiness snow-woman 
in the winter!
Made at age 5.

 The optimistic rose!
Made at age 5.
 3 Hearts - a special 
Valentine's Day card!
Made at age 11.