Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fine Silver Pendant!

So, it Christmas Day, guys! What did you guys get? Did you have any luck spotting Santa Claus? :O

I made myself my favorite gift I have ever, got any guesses on what my best gift is?

Yep, yesterday, I made my very first Fine Silver Pendant!!! Yeah, I made a piece of fine jewelry...with my own hands! Okay, I'm getting WAY too excited. Seriously though, it's AMAZING.

Did you guys know that there is such a thing as metal clay? Metal clay is a mixture of particles of silver in an organic binder which when fired makes 99.99% pure fine silver. Basically, what I did was texture, shape and form metal clay, and then when it's fired, it magically transforms into metal. +1 if you think that's really cool!

So, here's mine. I chose a cicuit-board kind of texture, and a teardrop shaped lab created ruby, then put it on a pre-made chain. It's not perfect...I made some mistakes, but overall, I think it's okay for my very first time. So...what do you guys think? :) 

Please comment below if you have any interest or curiosity about how I made this pendant step-by-step, or if you want to make it yourself. I will give you the steps, and let you know what materials you need to buy. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!