Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Facts that You Never Knew!

1) Two things I really enjoy are science and art. What comes to mind when you mix the two together? For me, a fascinating article from People have created artwork with fantastic images of microscopic art. Check out the results from countless entries - beautiful and breathtaking pictures. Which one is your favorite?

2) Do you like chocolate? Or flowers? Or BOTH? Did you know that there is a competely normal looking flower out there that has a distinct scent of chocolate? Sounds pretty yummy to me! Check out this link to learn more about this incredible plant you never knew existed!
3) I bet you guys didn't know that the human body contains a small amount of pure gold! Weird, but true! Learn more at:

4) Ants with clear abdomens, named ghost ants, change to the color of the food they eat! Isn't that weird? Imagine feeding them blue food coloring, and watching them all turn blue!

5) Last one! What do you use bubble wrap for? Wrapping up fragile objects, right? It hasn't always been that way, though. Bubble wrap was originally created to be used as wallpaper! Find out more details at:

Comment and let me know which fact you found the WEIRDEST!