Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clover Haiku

Today, I feel really LUCKY for some I forgot to set my alarm, and I still woke up on time, my favorite food is still sitting in the fridge, waiting for me, and I have nothing, nothing at all, in terms of homework! Basically, a free day! I wish I had that luck potion from Harry I could have more of these days...wouldn't that be cool? So...that got me thinking...about luck...and luck got me thinking...about St Patrick's Day...and St Patrick's Day got me thinking about clovers! They are so mysterious and fun to look for. I recall searching all over my elementary school field for a twenty minutes straight, seeking the incredible four-leaf-clover :O So that's what inspired today's haiku, which is smartly entitled, "Clover".

Clovers, oh so green
lucky, they say the things to be
you never know 
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