Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fantastic Getty Museum!

During the winter break, I visited Pasadena, California. I visited the fantastic Getty Museum, and enjoyed fantastic architecture, artwork, and history! Yes, you see a sarcophagus. Yes, with a dead body inside. Sorry if I give you nightmares, but don't you think it's cool?

Did you guys check out the elaborate Medusa mosaic? Simply SPECTACULAR! Who knows how long it would have taken to make?

And the details on the gold, especially the granulation on the coins, is simply out of this WORLD! Have you guys taken a look at how much work has been put into the carvings and architecture (inspired by Rome)? The little people depict stories of Roman mythology, such as Achilles heel and Medusa. I thought this was a fantastic trip! :) +1 if you want to go!